Video Copywriting and Video Marketing

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_video ratio=”4-3″ link=””%5D%5B/vc_column%5D%5Bvc_column width=”1/3″][vc_video ratio=”4-3″ link=””%5D%5B/vc_column%5D%5Bvc_column width=”1/3″][vc_video ratio=”4-3″ link=”″%5D%5B/vc_column%5D%5B/vc_row%5D%5Bvc_row parallax_speed=”normal”][vc_column][vc_column_text]The use of video marketing online is exploding. Tests show that viewers of a video are 64-85 percent more likely to take action after watching a video. As much as us copywriters hate to admit it, many people prefer to sit back and hit the play button than read through a page of text. Faster internet speeds and the popularity of watching video clips on mobile devices has pushed video marketing to the forefront of your online marketing strategy.

We can provide you with the full package of video creation. Along with coming up with storyboard ideas and providing video copywriting for the script, we can produce the entire video itself harnessing the latest hand drawing animation software and source a professional voice over artist to give it that extra mark of quality.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_video ratio=”16-9″ alt=”“My” src=”““” width=”“182“” height=”“44“” link=”″%5D%5B/vc_column%5D%5B/vc_row%5D%5Bvc_row%5D%5Bvc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]

Attract customers through the world’s second most popular search engine

If getting your website to the front of Google is proving a near impossible, and money draining, task we offer an effective alternative. YouTube is the world’s second most powerful search engine, and fast becoming the first place many people go for product advice and reviews. What’s more, getting a YouTube video ranked on the first page of Google is far easier than ranking a website. There’s less competition and t’s in Google’s interests to promote popular videos on its search results page. This in turn means more brand exposure and traffic to your website. After creating your video, we can upload your video onto a branded YouTube channel. We’ll also ensure it’s fully optimised to maximise views and comments and attract people actively searching for videos about your product. By taking full advantage of the video description box, your video will then send targeted traffic to your website of people presold on buying your product.

We’ve generated 1000s of views in a matter of weeks

We’ve provided video coywriting services for eBook sellers, internet marketers and major tech brands. We’ve been able to generate 1000s of videos in mere weeks for some of the videos we’ve created, which translates into traffic that’s already presold on buying your product or has an interest in your business. So whether you’re want a simple slideshow or a completely animated video with all the bells and whistles, we can create a professionally produced video that will promote your business, improve your website’s conversion rate and attract traffic through YouTube. Contact us today with details of your project for a full proposal on how we can help: Tel # +44 (0)203 2398784 My status



Turn Content into a Revenue Generator with Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing

What’s your inbound marketing strategy? Don’t have one? Well, you’re not alone. Inbound marketing is one of those trendy concepts that generates a lot of marketing buzz but rarely gets done well. This is a shame because inbound marketing has the power to turn your content into a revenue generator and blog posts into fuel for your online marketing strategy.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is about using great content to get the attention of prospects and to reel them in to you website. It’s about taking a strategic approach to content creation. Out goes ‘post and hope’, and in comes using content to politely take prospects by the hand and escort them through your sales funnel. They then emerge as engaged fans of your brand, primed to become loyal customers.

Inbound marketing works best as a multilayered strategy, with different types of content fed to prospects at different stages of their journey:

Stage 1 – Awareness

The first step in an inbound marketing strategy is to attract people to your website. You can achieve this with blog posts, press releases, service focused web pages, videos and eBooks. The trick is being able to throw out links to this content like a net so you can reel in prospects to your website.

How can you throw out content far and wide? After you hit publish, take these steps:

  1. Syndicate your content using RSS. There are WordPress plugins you can use to syndicate your posts to web 2.0 sites, bookmarking sites and social networks to spread your content and attract visitors.
  2. Post updates to all your social networks about the new post, making sure to tailor the message for each audience.
  3. Bookmark your post in Delicious, Reddit, Stumbleupon and other bookmarking services. You get out of these sites what you put in, so it’s worth spending time bookmarking posts of other users to get their attention and to encourage them to bookmark yours in return. It also looks spammy if you only bookmark yourself, leading to the sword of Damocles to be dangled over your account.
  4. Comment on blogs covering the same topic. Remember to add to the conversation and to say something relevant. Spammy comments are obvious and won’t win you any friends or links.
  5. Start a new discussion in relevant forums. Add some thoughtful commentary and ask for feedback before posting your content’s URL.
  6. Add a link to the post in your email signature
  7. Add the content to your next newsletter.

Stage 2 – Generate interest

Once you’ve attracted some visitors to your website, you need to get them subscribed to your content. Offer them something valuable in exchange for their email address, such as a case study, webinar, free sample, eBook or brochure.

Few people are ready to buy the first time they first your website. Getting people subscribed enables you to maintain contact and develop the relationship long after they’ve left. There’s a saying in the affiliate marketing world that ‘the money is in the list’ – in other words, you will generate more sales over time from people subscribed to your content than random visitors to your website.

Stage 3 – Convert leads into sales

Once you’ve got them subscribed to your content and created a line of communication, you can build a relationship over time. Continue sharing with them thought leadership, insight and valuable information to earn their trust.

Once you’ve got them feeling comfortable, give prospects that extra little nudge towards becoming a customer. Use flagrant bribery to get that first sale. Offer them a free trial, free demo, an assessment, consultation, estimate or anything else you can offer for free that gets them talking and ready to take your relationship to the next level.

Even after you’ve got a sale, inbound marketing doesn’t stop. Remember that it costs five times more to attract a new customer than to retain an old one. Keep the content machine rolling to ensure customers are engaged, retained and buying for a long time to come.

Final tip – If you’d like to streamline the timing and delivery of content personalised for each customer, take a look at marketing automation software by HubSpot, Marketo or Eloqua.

Add inbound marketing to your copywriting services

So there you have it. Yet another reason why copywriters are indispensible for gaining attention and converting prospects into customers online. The majority of businesses are still acting stuck in the dark ages of ‘post and hope’. But without an inbound strategy, firing off blog posts is like throwing fishing hooks into a pond without the reel attached.

So if you’re a copywriter, why not contact your existing clients with details of your inbound marketing package, comprising off blog posts, press releases, eBooks and videos all lined up and primed to convert more browsers into buyers. The beauty of inbound marketing is that it’s a strategy that never ends, earning you a nice retainer for your copywriting talents along with your inbound marketing expertise.

10 Sticky Website Copywriting Tips for Keeping Visitors Glued to Your Website

articles and blogs copywriting

Brochure websites need to be consigned to a museum as relics of the internet’s evolutionary history. There I’ve said it. Websites, and the thinking behind them, has evolved a lot over the last few years. If you just want to recreate your company brochure into pixel form then, please, go ahead. But the longer you can keep prospects on your website the more time you’ve got to build a relationship.

People surf the web for information. Not sales messages. So your website needs to be interesting and ‘sticky’ if you want to engage your visitors’ interest and keep them glued to your pages.

Here are my ten tips for making your own part of the web so sticky that you’ll be politely asking visitors to leave so you can close for the day:

1. Simple navigation – Make sure it’s easy to explore and has a familiar navigation. Much like the layout of a shop, you want to ensure visitors know where they are and can swiftly find the section they want without getting lost. Having a search box is essential for those who’d prefer to go straight to the helpdesk for directions.

2. Educate – People search the web for information. Not advertising. So rather than scare them away with shallow sales spiel, you should be looking to answer the questions that led them to your site in the first place(based on 80% of your traffic coming from searches on Google). Provide content that sells through education and builds trust e.g. case studies, company news, insight on your industry and advice on how to use your product.

3. Tell a story – the internet can seem an unfriendly, robotic place, so give your website a personality by telling visitors your story. Who are the people pulling the levers behind the scenes, what’s your history and what are your dreams for the future? A cheerful ‘about us’ page is crucial for building trust, rather than a platform for boasting about how great you are.

4. Feed your visitors’ appetite for information – create a directory of articles or, better yet, a blog, which visitors can easily search for answers to their questions and learn more about your expertise at the same time. It will help boost your Google ranking too.

5. Compelling content – Is copy the same as content? I’ll let others debate that elsewhere. But for the purposes of making a website sticky then applying copywriting tactics is a good idea. Create content that’s compelling, drives visitors to further explore the site and contains a call to action, such as subscribe, contact or, best of all, buy.

6. Subscription options – Most visitors aren’t comfortable handing over their credit card details the first time they visit. So make it easy for them to subscribe to your blog or newsletter so you can develop the sales process over time. As the old adage goes – ‘People like to do business with those they like and trust’, and providing regularly updated content of value is a great way of building trust and confidence in your expertise.

7. Customer reviews – People switch off when they think they’re being sold to. But they do listen to each other. Customers reviews can provide social proof of the quality of your products/service as well as keep people engaged writing their own.

8. Interactivity – Surveys and polls can provide another tool for enabling people to interact with your site. Make them short but sweet, and ask questions that provide insight into how you can improve.

9. Usability testing – Even when you think your site is finished there’s endless tweaking that can be done. Ask friends, family or impoverished students to test your website for you. Can they find the answers to their questions and have you gained their trust when they visit? Watching how others interact with your site will provide invaluable info on what areas gleam and which need some extra polishing.

10. Measure, tweak and repeat – Use Google analytics to monitor how people are engaging with the site. Knowing which pages are most popular and which switch visitors off can help you fine tune your content and work out the path your prospects tend to take before becoming customers.

This post was inspired by a similar article I wrote for bda’s blog. It’s worth a read for reinforcing the value of content for engaging visitors and keeping them glued to your website.

To Make Your Freelance Copywriting Business A Success You’ll Need Clients. Here’s How To Find Them

If you decide to escape cubicle world and to rely on your wits and laptop as a self employed copy writer, the biggest challenge you may deal with is discovering clients. Normally it takes months, if not years, to grow a secure client base to keep your revenue at a reliable level. Which means you need to make sure you have enough money to survive six months before you launch your business and you never stop advertising and marketing yourself and searching for clients.

Here are several ways of finding firms able to pay for your writing talents:

Search for customers on LinkedIn

Whereas Facebook is for fun, LinkedIn is centered on business. It is a social media site where professionals can promote their know-how and link up with other professionals in their field.. So it’s a good option to get taking part by establishing a user profile and interacting with colleagues you’ve worked alongside before and people you want to work together with in the foreseeable future.

To provide your network a boost, send link invitations to all the people you’ve worked alongside previously. You may be amazed what firms they may have moved to that might require a copywriter. You can also use LinkedIn to identify firms in your local area which may call for your services and the person you can approach for work.

Cold calling

Cold calling businesses requesting work may sound like a daunting proposition. But calling local businesses to tell them about your copywriting expertise is often an effective strategy of finding customers. Sending unwanted email messages is unlikely going to get the result you want, unless you wish to annoy people and be labelled a spammer. Making the effort to pick up the telephone, however, gives you the chance to speak about your copywriting business in a more human way that can build a relationship and give you the chance of securing some freelance assignments.

Approach marketing and webdesign companies

Webdesign and marketing agencies continually need copywriters to provide them with marketing material for their clients’ promotions. They’ll also provide you with access to larger brands and higher paying clients than you’d be in the position to link with as an individual freelancer. The big agencies may have have content writers inhouse, so it will be more realistic to aim for the medium sized to smaller agencies who make use of home based workers to add extra skills if they require them.

Local Networking Events

With the level of competition for clients on the web leading to rates of pay to drop fast, the most sensible technique is to hunt for customers in your local region. It’s simply common sense that people prefer to employ those they like, know and trust. With this in mind, you should make an effort to be out there shaking hands and speaking to local business leaders, face to face, each and every chance you get.

In a lot of cities and towns there are networking events where businesses can meet to network, say hello and hand each other their contact details. These networking events are usually held in local hotel function room or can take place over an early morning breakfast in a local restaurant.

While many business networking events need to be paid for, it’s usually possible to find free events in your neighborhood. You could even try arranging an event on your own through social media sites like LinkedIn or Meetup. Simply create an event and then invite people in your local business community to attend also to invite their business contacts.

With any luck this post has provided you with ideas on where to search to search out customers. So you need to be constantly marketing and offering your copywriting expertise so you can grow a consistent salary and make the freelance dream a reality.

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Points To Consider If You Want To Earn A Fulltime Income As A Self-employed Copy Writer

If you’ve been planning to make $1000s each week as a freelance copywriter then you might have to you better think again. It will take months, if not many years, to build up your client portfolio as well as to be getting a reliable income.

But if you manage it, it’s really a fulfilling lifestyle, both in terms of work/life benefits along with income. Nonetheless, as with all career, there are drawbacks of the freelance life-style you shouldconsider.


Writing for a living – If you studied Creative Writing at college or simply possess a talent for writing, then the idea of being able to write all day and get paid for it will sound like a dream come true. You get paid to sit at home or in your favourite restaurant and write about interesting new topics. Additionally you get to employ your brain in finding ways to make topics sound intriguing to your audience.

Learn about new topics – When you develop with your career, you may specialize on a special area. But most copy writers generalise first of all. You are continuously studying new topics along with broadening your expertise, it’s remarkable how frequently topics cross. If you like learning about new things, then becoming a freelance copywriter could be perfect for you.

Choosing how to spend your time – Being your own manager and working in a home office gives you the versatility to make choices about how to prioritise your entire day.. You’re able to decide what assignments to work on, and you can also choose to go for a mid morning stroll if you like, and catch up later in the day. Who wouldn’t love that independence? If you get stuck for inspiration at home you’ll be able to go and work in coffee shops or the nearby library, turning your surrounding area into your place of work.

Income potential – It takes time to get established, but once you’ve grown your client list you can be prepared to get paid a reasonably high amount for your writing. As a freelance worker you can charge higher pay each hour compared to someone employed fulltime. This means you can earn a high annual income if you are able to establish a continuous flow of work. Writing for businesses to help promote their services and productscan be a stressful job. But with your performance related to sales you can expect to make a substantial wage with practice and experience.


Shortage of social interaction – If you love chilling by yourself (as many writers are inclined to do) then being a freelance copywriter might be right for you. Nonetheless, it can become isolating at times without having fellow workers to talk to along with share ideas. Which means you have to discover different ways to get out so you get some good human interaction in your day).

Your opposition is the entire world – Many organisations like to make use of a copywriter they can meet along with speak to face-to-face, in fact people like to do business with people. I always highly recommend networking whenever possiblein your local area to discover customers. Nevertheless you will always find businesses where expense is the deciding factor. They are more prone to visit the web to find a copywriter.. The reach with the internet has broadened your competition to the planet. Now everybody with an internet connection and Word can claim to be a copywriter, that can make persuading businesses to pay a goodfee for your expertise difficult..

Volatile earnings – A wise plan is to ensure you have enough cash in the bank to lasta good few months before you leap aboard the self-employed bus.. However, even after freelancing for years your salary can still yo-yo from month to month.. There will be instances when the emails never stop flowing and the telephone is off hook. Other times you may be staring at your PC anxiously expecting those enquiries to reach. If you’re likely to freelance, you have to be ready for quiet spots. This can be stressful however the best advice is to use calm times to improve your writing abilities, do some reading and increasing your own marketing.

Hopefully, this article has given you an overview of the advantages and down sides of the free-lance lifestyle. Good luck in making your journey into becoming a copywriter a success!

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How You Can Launch A Freelance Copywriting Business

Think you have got a way with words? Do you like utilizing words to influence folks to your way of thinking, as well as to employ writing in ways that helps make information intriguing, notable and engaging?

If so, it’s possible you could earn a full time income as a business writer. To be able to write effectively is a vital part of the job. If you can not write properly or know standard grammar then people aren’t gonna be particularly delighted with your messages. However, you don’t need to have the writing capability of Dickens or Ogilvy to make a livelihood as a writer for businesses.

In fact, those people who are excellent at composing imaginative stories can be awful copy writers. They are often much too focused on amusing readers as well as amazing them with their inventive writing rather than focus on their writing’s vital aim: make a sale.


To reach your goals as a good B2B copywriter, the key abilities you’ll need will be to fully understand what exactly urges people today, to acquire a curiosity in an array of subject areas in addition to, not surprisingly, be able to write properly in addition to clearly. These types of capabilities are all essential qualities you will need to be a highly effective freelance copywriter.

The reason why? Because you should be have the ability to mix all three to get results at creating sales material which can sell. Whether you’re writing about cake decorations or small business software programs, you must be equipped to construct a detailed knowledge of exactly what the product does and how it benefits consumers.


Sales writing is recognized as salesmanship in print. Its aim isn’t to amuse rather to influence people that ordering your product is definitely the clever move to make, as well as create a lot of revenues for your customer in the process.

You need to be happy to carry out loads of preliminary research, which will include studying all the accessible product info, interviewing customers and clients in addition to assessing competition. You then should sit down and idenitify the product or service’s positive aspects compared to the other options available. For what reasons is it exceptional? What sort of problems will it resolve? As well as, most of all, why should people purchase it.

Once you’ve performed your analysis and determined exactly why people should purchase the product, after this you will need to see how to outline the sales letter or web page in to a engaging proposition. This calls for an idea of the things that motivate people, what problems they wish to eliminate or even keep away from as well as the reason why are they going to choose to pay for your product.

Then, after you’ve addressed all these issues as well as concluded all the preparatory measures, you need to have a seat and create the sales letter or online site page. This is when your money is earned and vindicate the big fees that copy writer can charge. In fact understanding how to place all your insights and research into words and phraases can be hugely demanding. You can easily practically expend your life practising the skill of advertising through written words. The good thing is there are manycopywriting guides and copywriting courses in existence to assist you, and never ever stop to remember that practice makes perfect!

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You need a firm grasp of SEO to be an effective online copywriter

ONE of the aims of an SEO copywriter is to improve a website’s rank in SERPs, or search engine results pages. A good copywriter knows this and wants his/her customers to be satisfied. A smart SEO copywriter may or may not provide keyword research and other services; some of them will only do the writing. However, any skilled copywriter must have a clear grasp of how SEO works. When a company hires a copywriter, it may already have a list of keywords. Perhaps they already have made the research and just want someone to create the copy. The links below including a video will provide you with some important information on effective SEO copywriting:

How to make money as an SEO copywriter

Welcome back! In today’s video post, we’re going to address the question of the week: ” how can I make money as an SEO copywriter?”  You have the three crucial skills to be a successful SEO copywriter and havestudied the several disciplines that make up the field (or at least, have made a beginning towards building your knowledge in these areas), so of course you want to get a handle on your own expected ROI of considerable time, effort, and resources! As a beginning SEO copywriter, you’re probably not going to see $1,500/page right out of the gate. You’ll need to develop a portfolio, collect testimonials, and hone your skills in the other relevant fields first.

CEOs want marketers to focus on ROI

The Fournaise 2012 Global Marketing Effectiveness Program questioned more than 1200 CEOs across the world to better understand what they want from their marketers. It found that 69 per cent of CEOs had stopped imposing specific business-focused targets for marketers to achieve. The main reason was because they think marketers have failed to prove in the boardroom that their marketing strategies, activities and campaigns generated actual business growth for the organisations. These CEOs said they retained their marketing departments purely out of tradition.

Great copywriting focuses on the customer

There?s a lot of bad website copywriting out there. Whether it?s government sites suffocating in unintelligible jargon, B2B websites barking at visitors with corporate claptrap or lazy websites using copy from the corporate brochure, too many websites fail to address the customer in a language they understand and want to listen to.
The fact is that people?s expectations of business websites are changing. They go online to find answers to questions and solutions to problems. Not to hear a shallow sales pitch. In this digital age, it is the businesses providing the best quality content that will attract the most visits, clicks and clients. In other words, websites focused on the needs of the customer.

Turn Site Visitors into Customers with Superb SEO copywriting Content

Knowing the way that site visitors use your website is an important part of ensuring that your website works for your business in the way that you want it to work. It could make or break your company. So why risk something so important when you can have superb SEO copywriting content on your website? Basically It`s all down to how web visitors see your website when they first appear on your site, is it apparent where they should go? Does the construction and the SEO copywriting content on your home page send them in the direction you want to take them?

So there you have it friends. Copywriting is more than just persuasive writing in order to sell a product. It’s also about connections and yes, making money out of it!

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