Achieving success in your copywriting career

WHETHER it is something as simple as clicking on “register here”, submitting a contact form so you can get in touch with them or giving you a call – you want to make sure that your site is giving you the results you need. If not, you could be losing a large amount of money from your website. This is where copywriting can help as it can lead your online guests in the correct path. Good copywriters could work to make an effective copywriting tactic to drive a decent amount of traffic to your website.

For today’s installment in our ongoing “salesmanship in print” blogging series, I have collected four sites plus a video outlining some of the skills a copywriter needs to succeed:

How to Stop Worrying and Start Loving Your Copywriter

In my seven years as a content writer/copy writer/web creator, I’ve had some terrific clients and client relationships. And then there are those that have made me want to head for the hills screaming. Working with bad clients is part of the small business game sometimes. Been burned before? So have we. Any freelance copywriter can tell you horror stories about clients, and I’m sure you’ve had the same with outsourced providers. From missed deadlines to messaging that completely missed the mark, it happens. And when it happens it makes you want to rethink outsourcing and magically find the budget to hire in-house. I’m here to save you that expense.

McLaughlin Joins Inferno as Senior Copywriter

Trish McLaughlin has joined inferno as senior copywriter. In her new role, McLaughlin supervises the copywriting department, pairing up writers with art directors and project teams, and reviewing copy for message, voice and strategic focus. In addition, she coaches young writers in strategic thinking, concepting, editing and presenting. With a bachelor’s degree in English from Appalachian State University and a tour of duty in Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s schools teaching English and journalism, I converted my love for the inverted pyramid into a public relations job with a Charlotte ad agency.

Long copy ad: How to create sales letters that sell

How many enthusiasms is it possible to cram into one advert? Long copy, copywriting history, a format that pays homage to David Ogilvy and a ripping yarn about killer-turned-copywriter Louis Victor Eytinge. Inspired by an earlier advert that won us plenty of business — ‘How to create a website that sells‘ — this one gives you 15 great tips for writing sales letters that bring home the bacon. But for a bit of added interest, all 15 tips are taken from the 1914 book by murderer Louis Victor Eytinge, Writing Business Letters That Get the Business. While the sentences have been chopped and reordered to fit the format, every single one of the tips is in Eytinge’s own words. Hell, we’ve even left the American spelling in place. Let’s hope it gets US clients reaching for their checkbooks.

Consumers brand online advertising “annoying”

The vast majority of the 1000 US consumers and 250 professional marketers questioned felt that traditional marketing was more effective than digital. Two thirds of consumers believed that television adverts are more effective than online advertising and 54 per cent said that online banner ads do not work. Only three per cent preferred to view adverts via social media.

Advertising created by marketing professionals was generally thought to be the most effective, but 27 per cent of marketers and 28 per cent of consumers believed that user-generated content is the best form of online advertising.

Effective copywriting can save you time, money and effort. Hiring the services of a professional copywriter could be the secret to a successful online business.

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